Collection Domaines & Châteaux, Touraine Sauvignon Blanc "Domaine de Chevaunet", AOP Touraine, Blanc, 2020

The wines from this estate are strongly influenced by traditional production methods, and are ambassadors for their appellations.


The story
We can not speak of the BASME without reminding that Guyot des Roches, its owner, married Jeanne de CHAUDRIER in 1488. He died in 1511, and his widow married Loys de RONSARD, lord of the Possonniere. Their union gave birth to Pierre de RONSARD, the poet, on the 11th September 1524.
Mr. Jean Francois ROUPILLARD has been exploiting the domain for 30 years, succeeding to his grandfather.
The whole terroir of COUDDES almost belonged to the seigneury of SAINT AIGNAN, but from 1620 the fief of the BASME must integrate a large part of the parish which depended on the SAINT AIGNAN dukedom.
The Lieu dit Les Chevaunet is indicated on the map of CASSINI of 1750 with the following spelling: « CHEVAUNÉ ».
This 5-hectare vineyard in the commune of Couddes (of the Plateau de Sologne) has clay-siliceous soil. Sustainable viticulture.
Final blend takes into account the taste profiles of wines from specific plots. Cold stabilised (5 days). Temperature-controlled fermentation.
Aged on fine lees (3 months) before bottling.
Sauvignon : 100%


Best enjoyed chilled (10-12°C)
Tasting notes
Pale golden colour. Elegant white flower and citrus aromas. Fresh and smooth on the palate. Mineral aftertaste.
Food pairings
Best enjoyed with raw vegetables in a sauce, delicatessen meats, fish, white meats, goat's cheese, or as an aperitif.