Touraine Sauvignon " Les Roches"


The story
There have been vines in the Touraine region as far back as Roman times. The vineyard of Les Roches stretches along the hillsides that run alongside the Loire and its tributaries.
Siliceous clay, clay on flint or clayey limestone depending on the terroirs
Automatic pressing, cool settling in temperature-controlled vats (18° to 20°C), matured in temperature controlled stainless steel vats under an inert gas.
Sauvignon blanc : 100%


Serve chilled at 8 to 10°C.
Tasting notes
Pale yellow colour. A dry and refreshing wine, with simple yet distinctive flavours, mineral, floral and a hint of lemon, with a full-bodied rich taste and a fruity hint very typical of our slopes.
Food and wine pairings
with fish, seafood, raw vegetables (asparagus). Delicious with goat cheese from the Loire Valley.