Grain d'Expression is a range of wines without added sulphites. It allows the terroir and the aromas of the grapes to express themselves freely. Without artificial additives, rediscover the original aromas of the main grape varieties of the Loire.


Sulphur is a long-standing companion for the winemaker; it allows him to produce products with great stability over time and to develop great aromatic complexity, while keeping them away from deviant paths. It can, however, be perceived as counteracting the natural expression of the wine. With this cuvée, we decided to free ourselves from it in order to rediscover the original purity of the fruit without nature depriving man of his creation: the art of transforming the grape into wine.
This very original terroir of the primary era is made up to the north of Ancenis of Paleozoic shales and sandstones which form a unit called the Ancenis syncline.
Bio-protection of the grapes at harvest time to prevent oxidation. Vinification in thermo-regulated vats. Short maceration of 7 days.
Bottled in the spring in an oxygen-free environment to preserve the aromatic potential of the grapes.
Gamay : 100%


Served slightly chilled (14°C).
Visual appearance
Beautiful bright red colour.
At nose
The nose seduces with its intense notes of fresh fruit (grapes, blackberries, blackcurrants, raspberries).
On the palate
The palate is round, greedy and full of freshness, with fine tannins. The finish is marked by its deliciously fruity aromas.
Food pairings
To be enjoyed with summer salads, grilled white or red meats, cold meats and soft cheeses.