The wine
This cuvée celebrates Marie Dupin, a young peasant girl from Angers, who charmed Ronsard and was his muse.
Situated on the north bank of the Loire, the Bourgueil vineyard covers almost 1300 hectares.
It benefits from a sheltered exposure and a particularly mild microclimate. The terroir of the Marie Dupin cuvée is characterised by superficial sand and gravelly soils, allowing the Cabernet Franc grape variety to express all its fruity aromatic potential.
Destemming. Vinification in thermo-regulated vats (24°C) and short maceration to preserve the suppleness of the tannins and the fruitiness of the grapes.
Matured for 5 months before bottling in spring.
Cabernet franc


Served chilled (14-16°C).
Tasting notes
Beautiful deep ruby colour : On the nose, aromas of red fruits, violet and spices. Round and fruity, this wine is well-balanced with fine tannins.
Food and wine pairings
It will accompany cold meats (pâté de campagne, dry sausage), salads (duck breasts, gizzards), roasted white meats (grilled chicken with tarragon), grilled meats, Hachis Parmentier and soft cheeses (St Nectaire, Curé Nantais).