The Saumur vineyards cover over 800 hectares on the south bank of the Loire River.
The key feature of this area is its clay limestone soil: this soft, white stone, known as tufa, used to build the Loire Valley Castles, promotes good development of the vines and ensures a moderate water supply.
Pressing. Clarification. Slow, cool fermentation (18°). Second fermentation of selected wines in the bottle (Méthode Traditionnelle).
Aged for at least 16 months before disgorging.
Chenin blanc
Cabernet franc


Served slightly less chilled.
Tasting notes
Saumur Brut is an attractive, slightly golden colour. The bubbles are fine and the bead is regular. The floral bouquet is typical of Chenin Blanc. Saumur Brut is fresh and lively on the palate, with a very elegant aftertaste. Despite a very low sugar level, this wine is light and well-balanced thanks to its malolactic fermentation.
Food and wine pairings
It will delight your guests throughout the meal. Saumur Brut is an excellent aperitif. Its crisp, lively character makes it the ideal wine with which to start off the evening. Saumur Brut should be chilled in an ice bucket. It is perfect choice to accompany all starters.