Bourgueil Rouge "Marie Dupin"


The story
The famous Cuvée “Marie Dupin” is named after a young farm girl from Anjou who charmed the poet Ronsard and became his muse.
Located on the right bank of the Loire, the Bourgueil appellation covers nearly 1,300 hectares.
The vines are well-sheltered, have good sun exposure, and enjoy an especially mild microclimate. The terroir producing Cuvée Marie Dupin consists largely of sand and gravel soil enabling Cabernet Franc to express its full aromatic potential.
Destemming and fermentation in temperature-controlled (24°C) vats with short maceration to enhance smoothness, quality tannin, and fruitiness.
Aged for 5 months before bottling in spring.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Best enjoyed slightly chilled (14-16°C).
Tasting notes
Beautiful, deep, ruby-red red colour. Aromas of ripe fruit, violet, and spice. Round and fruity on the palate, with great balance and elegant tannin.
Food and wine pairings
Best enjoyed with delicatessen meats (pâté, dry sausage), salads, roast white meats, chicken with tarragon, grilled meats, shepherd's pie, and soft-ripened cheeses (Saint Nectaire, Curé Nantais).