The wine
Known for its sumptuous colours and acrobatic aerodynamics, the Demoiselle Bleue is a dragonfly that plays an important role in the ecosystem. Very sensitive to the quality of water, it proves how healthy and natural the environment is. Once threatened with extinction, it has become the symbol of a new-found biodiversity and is a protected species in the Loire Valley.
This cuvée is made from a plot of Cabernet Franc vines on a plateau overlooking the Thouet river near Montreuil Bellay.
Superbly suited to fine wine, the terroir features marl formations. Work in the vineyard is meticulous all year long. The environment, water resources, air, and soil are well-preserved, and biodiversity maintained.
The grapes are carefully gone over on a sorting table to avoid bruising prior to crushing. The wine stays on the skins for a long time (35 days) in wide, squat vats providing a large surface area for contact between skins and the juice. The wine is kept submerged underneath the cap to guarantee the slow, gradual absorption of tannin, while maintaining aromas.
Bottled in June and aged for several months in our underground cellars.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Best decanted. Served at cool room temperature (16°C).
Tasting notes
Dark ruby-red colour with crimson highlights. This wine has a powerful, complex bouquet with hints of ripe fruit (cherry, blackcurrant), ferns, spices, and chocolate. It is very full-bodied on the palate and underpinned by firm tannin. It has a powerful, long aftertaste with liquorice overtones.
Food and wine pairings
It is delicious with traditional dishes such as veal with vegetables or marbled meats (beef).