Grain d'Expression is a range of wines without added sulphites. It allows the terroir and the aromas of the grapes to express themselves freely. Without artificial additives, rediscover the original aromas of the main grape varieties of the Loire.


Sulphur is a long-standing companion for the winemaker; it allows him to produce products with great stability over time and to develop great aromatic complexity, while keeping them away from deviant paths. It can, however, be perceived as counteracting the natural expression of the wine. With this cuvée, we decided to free ourselves from it in order to rediscover the original purity of the fruit without nature depriving man of his creation: the art of transforming the grape into wine.
This wine is produced from grapes matured on the plateau between Doué-la-Fontaine and Brossay. These parcels are considerably large, the largest in the Cave Robert et Marcel. Only the highest quality plots are selected to make this wine.
Shallow and very stony soils called "flint soils", where the rock appears at a very shallow depth. These soils come from the extensive degradation of Jurassic limestone. This Jurassic terroir on flinty soils is atypical in the Saumurois and is found almost exclusively on the plots used to make this wine. The shallow flinty soils give the Cabernet Franc plots a high degree of precocity, and an expression of minerality in the over-ripe Chenins. On a plateau or on a slight slope to the north. Small wooded areas are present on the plateau, influencing wind circulation and exposure to the sun.
In the vineyard
Use of prophylactic methods (disbudding, leaf removal) in order to favour the natural aeration of the root-stock and to regulate the load; then, of reasoned cultivation in order to allow the most natural fight against cryptogamic diseases.
The harvest begins after checking the ripeness and health of the grapes at the beginning of October. Careful settling of the must. Vinification followed by temperature control (17 to 19°C) to preserve the aromatic potential of the Chenin Blanc.
The wine is bottled after 6 months of maturing on lees to preserve the freshness of the fruit.
Chenin blanc : 100%


Enjoy it chilled (12°C).
Visual appearance
Straw yellow colour with green highlights.
At nose
Notes of white fruit (peach), yellow fruit (apricot), citrus (lime) and exotic fruit with a hint of minerality.
On the palate
Round and suave attack. Expressive, rich and structured palate. The finish is persistent and lively with a mineral note.
Food pairings
This wine is ideal with white meats, fish in sauce or hard cheeses.