Vouvray Blanc "Lieu-Dit, Rosnay"


The wine
A lieu-dit, or named place, encompasses a group of small plots of vines.
It comprises a unique terroir defined by its territorial, cadastral and historic unity.
The alchemy between the soil, topography, climate, and grape variety results in appellation contrôlée wines with a unique profile and outstanding quality. Respect for the terroir combined with the expertise of winegrowers who love what they do produces superb wines.
100% Chenin Blanc, also called Pineau de la Loire. This variety originated in the Loire Valley, and was named "plant d'Anjou" around the 10th century. Rabelais popularised its present name in the 16th century.
The place named "Rosnay" is in the commune of Rochecorbon, located east of the city of Tours in the heart of the appellation and the middle of a beautiful Loire Valley landscape – part of a region that is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Soil :
The lieu-dit "Rosnay" features siliceous-clay terroi with pebbles on the surface and in the ground. The soil has a silty sand and clay texture on tufa parent rock ideal for a moderate, but constant water supply.

Sun exposure :
The vineyard plots in this lieu-dit are located on a plateau overlooking the Loire, with southeast sun exposure.

Climate :
Temperate climate - bordering on a valley, the soil warms up rapidly due to the oceanic influence that penetrates to the heart of the vineyard.
In the vineyard
Viticulture :
Green pruning (bud thinning and leaf plucking) is done to enhance natural aeration, while sustainable agricultural methods are used to fight against fungal diseases.
Slow pressing in a pneumatic winepress with separation of the free run juice. Cold settling of the must for 24 hours and cold fermentation to preserve the finesse of the aromas. Alcoholic fermentation is stopped by cold stabilisation to retain the residual sugar. Aged on the lees for 6 months before bottling.
Chenin blanc : 100%


Tasting notes
Straw-yellow colour with green highlights. Attractive intense bouquet of candied citrus and yellow fruit (apricot). Full-bodied and round on the palate with good structure and vivaciousness. Long, complex aftertaste with hints of ripe fruit (apricot, pineapple).
Food and wine pairings
This semi-sweet white wine is well-balanced and elegant. It suits fish dishes (such as fish from the Loire in a beurre blanc sauce), as well as goat's cheese and citrus desserts.