The label name takes its name from the old tufa quarries on which the cellar Cave de Saumur is located. Tufa is extract more often in the basement of hillsides bordering a River, thereby creating galleries, or cellars of several kilometers. The blocks of rock could be loaded on boats. Soft and luminous, limestone situated on great vineyards, the tufa stone signed the cultural identity of the Loire through its countless castles, abbeys, cities and villages.


The Saumur vineyards cover over 800 hectares on the south bank of the Loire River.
The subsoil consists of hard, Jurassic limestone, which has broken down to form the shallow, stony topsoil.
Complete destemming, 15 - 20 days' post-fermentation skin contact.
Fermented in temperature-controlled vats and bottled in the tufa cellars, where the wine continues ageing, protected from light and temperature variations.
Aged for a minimum of 6 months on the lees.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Best enjoyed at 16°C .
Visual appearance
Lovely, ruby-red colour.
At the nose
This wine has an intense bouquet, featuring red- (strawberries) and black-berry fruit (blackcurrant), with hints of spices.
On the palate
It is soft on the palate, with good backbone and balance, as well as velvety tannins. Long aftertaste with hints of spices.
Food pairings
Best enjoyed as an accompaniment to delicatessen meats, red meat dishes (skirt-steak with shallots), roast white meats (grilled chicken), hard cheeses, or oriental cuisine.