The wine
This cuvée is the result of a rigorous selection in the vineyard. Regular tastings of the Cabernet Franc berries, a ripe harvest and careful maturing result in a fruity and round wine.
The vineyards are located north of Poitiers, in the plain of Neuville.
On a terroir dating from the Jurassic period, the relief is not very marked but the plots are located on small hills where the soil is composed of limestone called "Groies or Casse".
Traditional fermentation in stainless steel vats with temperature control and daily pumping over. After fermentation, the wine is matured and kept in vats before the final stage of bottling.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Serve slightly chilled (14-16°C).
Tasting notes
Shiny ruby colour. On the nose, aromas of black fruits (cherry and blackcurrant), a hint of spice and toast. Fresh, fruity and supple on the palate with a nice aromatic persistence on fruity notes.
Food and wine pairings
It will accompany cold meats (country ham, rillaud), white meats (roast or simmered chicken), the typical stuffed poitevin (kale stuffed with vegetables, eggs and bacon).