Bourgueil Rouge Domaine de Chanteloup

The wines from this estate are strongly influenced by traditional production methods, and are ambassadors for their appellations.


The winegrower, Yolande : "Five generations of winegrowers have followed one another in my family, and handed down their expertise and enthusiasm.
Having been raised in such an environment, it was only natural for me to take over the family vineyard. When I started out, I was one of very few women to work in the vines. I did everything, including the most difficult tasks. My husband supported me, working by my side every day.
Being a winegrower involves a certain philosophy of life entailing rigour, patience, and being attuned to nature.
I like to work in a vineyard that reflects my region's history. I like to work long days in the vineyard surrounded by nature. And I like to take photos of special moments, such as the birth of fledglings nesting in a grape vine with a sunset in the background"

"One day, when planting some vines, I discovered the foundations of a moulin cavier, a type of regional windmill with a moveable wooden section supporting the sails and able to pivot 360°. This rests on a conical tower made of tufa and built over a cellar (oftentimes a former troglodyte dwelling). Traditionally, a donkey was attached to the windmill in such a way as to protect itself from the wind and, in doing so, to orient the sails in the best possible way to power the mill."
Our vineyard is located around the family house in the heart of the Bourgueil appellation.
It consists of 11 hectares of Cabernet Franc vines.
The terroir features clay-limestone soil that gives the wine volume and structure, as well as gravel soil that brings out the grapes’ intrinsic fruitiness.
The grapes are picked when fully ripe (yield: 50 hl/ha). Traditional winemaking with fermentation at moderate temperatures to lock in the grapes' aromatic potential. Long maceration (20 days) with gentle extraction of polyphenols.
Aged for 6-10 months before bottling.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Served slightly chilled (14-16°C).
Visual appearance
Ruby-red colour with purplish highlights.
At nose
Charming bouquet with intense aromas of berries (blackberry, blackcurrant), fresh fruit and ferns. There are also spicy (black pepper) and roasted nuances.
On the palate
The wine starts out quite smooth, full-bodied, and spicy on the palate, going on to reveal hints of fruit, forest floor and violet.
Food pairings
This wine goes wonderfully with roast white meats, grilled meats, red meats, game, and soft-ripened cheeses.