The whole plot consists in 1ha and is situated on the hill surrounding the fortress of Berrie.
The terroir features turonian limestone soil that gives to the wine its structure, elegance and unctuousness and lets the Chenin blanc also called « Pineau de la Loire », express its finest qualities.
Late manual harvest at the end of October to obtain a high maturity of grapes. Transport in little cases and direct pressing of the whole grape. Soft settling of the must and then filling the burgundy barrels (4-5 wines). Traditional and malolactic fermentation to preserve fat and complexity of ripe fruits.
Maturing in oak for 12-14 months in our tufa cellars, with regular bâtonnage (stirring).
Chenin blanc : 100%


Enjoy slightly-chilled (11-12°C)
Tasting notes
Golden colour with bright highlights. The wine presents a subtle nose of mint aromas, dried and crystallised fruit notes. Hints of butter and spices (vanilla). An elegant structure and freshness on the palate with juicy white fruits and ripe apricot aromas. Complex, fine and mineral finish.
Food and wine pairings
Enjoy as an aperitif. This wine also goes perfectly with fishes in sauce, fish pastry, typical Bresse, mushroom risotto.