The story
The name “Or et Lumière” refers to the raisining of the grapes also called “passerillage”. From mid-October, the grapes are reaching high levels of ripening, related to the noble rot. It produces outstanding sweet wines with deep gold colour.
This appelation that stretches along the river imbedded in the Layon fault contains a multitude of soils (schists, chert rock, rhyolites, black carboniferous soil…). The sand and gravel of Anjou covers the Briovérien bedrock on hills with a slight slope.
The vines are only hand harvested in the late season, when the famous “noble rot” has successfully concentrated all the sugar and aromas in the Chenin Blanc berries. Soft pressing then slow fermented with temperature control system to respect the aromas.
Aged on the lees for at least 6 months before bottling.
Chenin blanc : 100%


Best served at 8-10°C.
Tasting notes
Deep gold colour. A rich wine with a well-balanced sweetness, notes of honey, apricot, candied fruits (sometimes exotic when young), with floral notes (lime-blossoms, acacia, oleander…).
Food and wine pairings
This wine makes an excellent aperitif and goes well with foie gras, fish in sauces, white meats, ripened cheese (Roquefort) and desserts (lemon or apricot tart, fresh figs).