Freshness, elegance and blackcurrant notes.


The wine
Fresh and crisp wines, round and supple, with intense and greedy aromas.
The singular expression of traditional grape varieties influenced by the terroir and climate of the Loire Valley.
This cuvée is the result of a subtle marriage between an expressive, deliciously fruity grape variety, with its juicy, crunchy grapes, and an exceptional clay-limestone terroir.
In the vineyard
An adapted vinification which sublimates the potential of the Sauvignon. A cuvée with brilliant aromas, combining intense notes of citrus fruit, blackcurrant and fine vegetal notes.
Selection of plots with great aromatic potential. Direct pressing. Tight settling at low temperature to favour the expression of citrus aromas. Fermentation of the clear juice at 18-20°C during the first third of the fermentation, then adjustment to 13-14°C.
Aged on fine lees at low temperature (10°C) with agitation until preparation for bottling.
Sauvignon : 100%


Serve chilled between 10 and 12°C.
Tasting notes
Superb straw yellow colour with silver highlights. Exuberant nose with aromas of grapefruit, blackcurrant candy and tomato leaf scent. The palate is very fresh, oscillating between sweetness, crispness and acidity.The finish is greedy with nice notes of blackcurrant and citrus peel.
Food and wine pairings
Wine & Everyday pleasures: Grilled fish, poultry, vegetable quiche, ratatouille, curry recipes, asparagus, goat's cheese...

Wine & Festive moments : Eggplant caviar, grilled lobster with tarragon, shrimp blanquette, scallop carpaccio with citrus fruits...