Touraine Sauvignon Blanc "La Croix des Champs"


The vineyard is located in the Cher Valley in Touraine, near Saint-Aignan.
It has clay and flint soil, whereas the steeper slopes have more siliceous soil with clay that is ideal for Sauvignon blanc.
The grapes are picked during the coolest part of the day and pressed slowly and gradually. Cold fermentation (16-18°C) follows a short maceration on the must deposit to lock in a maximum number of aromas.
The wine is aged on the lees before bottling.
Sauvignon : 100%


Served well-chilled (8-10°C).
Tasting notes
Brillant pale gold colour with silver highlights. Lovely fresh fruit (tropical fruit, blackcurrant, citrus) and floral aromas. Develops beautifully on the palate with delicate white fruit (nectarine) and fresh lemony flavours. Great length with a certain minerality.
Food and wine pairings
This wine is a treat as an aperitif with nibbles, as well as as an accompaniment to delicatessen meats, salads, shrimp, quiches, goat's cheeses, and fruit salad.