The vines extend over the hillsides of the Saumurois and Anjou regions.
The main characteristic of the region is its clay-limestone soil: this soft white rock called tuffeau allows the vine to put down good roots and a moderate water supply.
In the vineyard
The plots are selected at the approach of the harvest, in August and September, for their ability to offer grapes of beautiful maturity and rich aromas of fresh fruit (citrus fruit, blackcurrant buds). The early harvest is carried out around mid-September to preserve the taste balance.
Direct pressing to extract a nice aromatic potential. Vinification in thermo-regulated vats then bottled in spring to preserve freshness and fruitiness.


Serve chilled (8-10°C).
Tasting notes
Salmon-pink colour with bright purple tints. Deliciously fruity aromatic intensity with white pepper, grapefruit and redcurrant. Freshness and roundness accompanied by harmonious notes of spices, citrus fruit and English candy.
Food and wine pairings
It goes well with cold meats, mixed salads (raw vegetables, tabbouleh, pasta salad), white meats and grilled meats.