This unique expression of traditional grape varieties is molded by the terroir and climate of the Loire Valley.
These delicious wines combine freshness, concentrated aromas, roundness, and smoothness.


The wine
A selection of beautifully ripe Chardonnay grapes harvested in the morning mists of the Loire and gently fermented accounts for this full-bodied wine with an elegant texture, full of fruit and finesse. Perfectly balanced with soft freshness.
Selected areas with fresh and fruity aromatic grape potential. Direct pressing. Light racking of the must (500 NTU) at low temperature to keep the aromatic grape potential.
Fermentation at 18-20°C with young wood chips giving to the wine its roundness and complexity. Previous to bottling, the wine is maturated on the lees in high turbidity (1000 NTU).


Tasting notes
Brilliant pale golden colour. Elegant and refined with slightly toasted flavours, this attractive Chardonnay has concentrated aromas of pear and ripe pineapple, white flowers, and fresh mint. It is round, balanced, and unctuous on the palate. The overall harmony is wonderful, and the elegant roasted overtones (mocha) are perfectly integrated.
Food and wine pairings
Everyday meals: Fish either grilled or in a sauce, perch fillets, seafood crêpes, cheese omelette, soufflés, and chicken brochettes.
Special meals: Turbot in puff pastry, seafood spaghetti, rabbit in beer, Indian cuisine, and sushi.