The wine
Chinon is a small picturesque town of 9000 inhabitants, located near the Loire River, in the middle of the Loire Valley. Became Unesco world Heritage in 2001 and is the birthplace of RABELAIS born in year 1484, famous lawyer, doctor, Evangelist and writer “No man can hate the noble wine….”
Clos de la Lysardière represents the best of the Chinon’s terroir. It is located in the commune of Beaumont en Véron, along the Vienne river.
The vineyard consists of 5ha of Cabernet franc vines, based on unique crumbly limestone subsoil (glauconitic chalk that looks like shelly sand), known locally as millarge. The topsoil heats up quickly thanks to the high proportion of sand which, combined with the wide open spaces surrounding the vineyard, promotes very early ripening and good sugar levels every year.
Total destemming, the grapes are picked perfectly ripened and put into stainless steel vats with a controlled temperature. Extraction of colour and polyphénolic characteristics at the beginning of the alcoholic fermentation thanks to regular pumping-over.
Aged for 8 months with the use of oxygen to release the full aromas and rounding the tannins before bottling.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Serve slightly chilled (14-16°C).
Tasting notes
Dark red colour with purple highlights. Powerful wine: juicy black fruit aromas (blackcurrant, cherry, and blackberry), cooked plum, tobacco and spices (pepper). Supple and gourmet on the palate, with a delicate tannic structure. Fruity finish of black cherry.
Food and wine pairings
This red wine goes admirably with fishes, small game or grilled meat.