Cabernet d'Anjou Rosé "Domaine de Nerra"


The story
Foulques III – called Foulques Nerra, or "the black one", because of his dark skin – strongly marked the region in the Middle Ages.
This remarkable man alternated between great piety and cruelty. However, he was also politically astute and a great builder. He helped to make Anjou great.

The winegrower : "My grandfather Gustave, the first winegrower in the family, started out more than 50 years ago with 2 hectares of vines. My father took over from him in 1971. There was strong hail that year, but he was patient and determined, and went on to make the estate prosper.
In 1989, after my studies, I came to work with him, which I did for ten years before taking over on my own.
I enjoy working outdoors and am in love with my profession. My basic philosophy is that a job worth doing is worth doing well. I prefer to take my time and be in tune with nature to make sure that everything goes well."

Medals :
- 2014 vintage
Gold medal at the Ligers
- 2012 vintage
Silver medal in Mâcon
Silver medal ("Prix d'Excellence") at the Vinalies
Located in the southern part of the Saumur region, my vineyard consists of 6.4 hectares of vines in a single block.
There is an ideal microclimate thanks to a nearby canal and the Thouet River. The Cabernet Franc vines are situated on a northwest-facing rise. I use three different types of pruning, depending on the plot: Guyot, Gobelet, and Lépine.
A trench originally dug during the First World War runs through the middle of the vines. The soil is rich and relatively deep. The parent rock consists of lumpy, very hard white limestone with a sky-blue flinty bench.
The terroir is particularly well-adapted to late harvest wines.
Cabernet franc : 100%