Clin d'Oeil, the discovery brand for Loire appellations.


The vintage
High Environmental Value from the 2021 vintage
The Saumur vineyard covers more than 800 hectares on the south bank of the Loire.
The main characteristic of the Saumurois region is its clay-limestone soil: this soft white rock called tuffeau allows the vines to put down good roots and a moderate water supply.
Destemming, maceration for 10 days. Vinification in thermo-regulated vats and bottling in the tufa cellars where the wine continues to mature away from light and temperature variations.
Cabernet franc : 100%
Haute Valeur Environnementale


Serve at 16°C.
Visual appearance
Deep ruby colour.
At nose
This wine is fruity, fruity and well-balanced with spicy notes.
On the palate
The tannins are present and coated giving a velvety sensation at the end of the mouth.
Food pairings
It will accompany cold meats, red meats (bavette), roasted white meats (grilled chicken), hard cheeses or oriental cuisine.