Saumur Rouge "Lieu-Dit, La Mouraude"

2014 Vintage
Gold Medal CGA Paris


The wine
A lieu-dit, or named place, encompasses a group of small plots of vines.
It comprises a unique terroir defined by its territorial, cadastral and historic unity.
The alchemy between the soil, topography, climate, and grape variety results in appellation contrôlée wines with a unique profile and outstanding quality. Respect for the terroir combined with the expertise of winegrowers who love what they do produces superb wines.
There is a legend concerning La Mouraude's winemaking past, as evidenced by underground cellars dug out of solid rock. "It is said that every year, at Pentecost, further to a dispute with a local lord, one of the winegrowers from Le Prieuré was paraded on the back of a donkey and then thrown into a pond. By way of compensation, he was given a swig of the monks' best wine".
La Mouraude is located north of Montreuil-Bellay, near several windmills. No one knows exactly when the former hamlet was destroyed, but it became part of the commune of Montreuil-Bellay in 1841.
Soil :
This brown, silty, and slightly eluviated soil overlaying alluvial deposits (rounded pebbles, quartz, flint, etc.) or clay heats up quickly and contributes to early ripening. This lieu-dit is regularly picked before other vineyards.

Sun exposure :
The vines grow on a gentle steep slope with south sun exposure.

Climate :
Temperate climate bordering on a valley, the soil warms up rapidly due to the oceanic influence that penetrates to the heart of the vineyard.
The Saumur hills serve as a barrier to westerly winds and the plots furthest away from the Loire, like those at La Mouraude, have a semi-continental climate.
In the vineyard
Green pruning (bud thinning and leaf plucking) is done to enhance natural aeration, while sustainable agricultural methods are used to fight against fungal diseases.
- Complete destemming of the harvest.
- Fermentation in termo-regulated vats at 28°C.
- Light and daily pumping over in the first third of the fermentation
- Short maceration to extract the best potential of the grapes
Bottled early in cellars dug out of tufa, where it continues to age in bottle, protected from light and variations in temperature.
Cabernet franc : 100%


Serving temperature : 12-14°C.
Tasting notes
Beautiful deep ruby-red color. Open and attractive nose with hints of fresh red fruit (raspberry, red currant) and black fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry). Hint of spices. Fruity on the palate, well-structured with silk tannins. Fresh aftertaste with beautiful sweet impression.
Food and wine pairings
Food & Wine Pairing: Food & Wine Pairing: A great wine with roast beef. Its body and hints of pepper go very well with meat in a sauce, coq au vin, beef bourguignon, stews, etc.