Producing a quality wine "without added sulphites" is far from easy. It requires the winegrower to have a very great technical mastery. It is a real headache, but with patience and passion, it is also a consecration! The wine is then the true reflection of the natural aromas of the grape.


The wine
This "Grain d'expression" cuvée is the result of a fine selection of grapes, combined with the use of a bio-protection technique in the vineyard.
A cuvée full of fruit, intense and delicious!
The vines of the Touraine Sauvignon cuvée are located around the commune of Saint-Romain-sur-Cher, on the slopes of the Cher.
Sandy soil on clay.
Vinification followed without sulphur, with temperature control (17°C) to preserve the aromatic potential of the Sauvignon.
No malolactic fermentation.


Taste it fresh ( 10-12°C )
Tasting notes
This wine has a pale yellow colour with a beautiful brilliance and a delicate nose with notes of ripe fruit. Harmonious on the palate, with a hint of acidity and great aromatic persistence.
Food and wine pairings
Served chilled, it will ideally accompany your aperitifs with goat cheese specialities.