Saumur Blanc "Lieu-Dit, Les Pouches"

A “Lieu-dit” is a set of small plots of singular vines.
Thanks to its territorial and historical setting, it is a unique terroir …
The alchemy between its soil, its relief, its orientation, its climate and its grape variety gives birth at Protected Designation of Origin wines, with exceptional style. The respect of the terroir combined to the passionate wine-growing know-how allows to extract the best wines.


The wine
The Chenin grape is also named Pineau de la Loire. It is from Val de Loire and was named “plant d’Anjou” during the Xe century. It’s Rabelais who popularized its actual name in XVIe century.

Heritage from the past, the place called “Les Pouches” has its own history.

Near to the hameau de Méron, along the Thouet, the plot of “Les Pouches” are cultivated since the Middle-Age near the Montreuil-Bellay walls. Fortified city with a castle on the top, Montreuil-Bellay is, today, the last walled city in the Anjou. The vineyard “Les Pouches” is closely linked to the history of the city and its castle. It procured to the peasants of the city work to feed their families and gave delicious beverage for the rich. This timeless reputation wine is a testimony from the past and an heir of this exceptional terroir.
The place called “Les Pouches” is located on the town of Montreuil-Bellay at the gates of the Anjou, Touraine and Poitou, place of the meetings of slate and tile, wheat lands and Saumurois vineyard.
The terroir of “Les Pouches” has a soil composed of clay loam sands and some very hard piece of limestones. These elements allow a good drainage of the ground and a good earliness potential.
The plots of the place called are on light slope with an exposition North-West/South-East. Near the Loire, in plains, climate is oceanic and temperate.
Complete surface of the plots: 8 Hectares
The harvest begins after the check of the ripeness and the sanitary state of the grape.
- Destemming and pneumatic pressing.
- Cold Racking during 24h.
- Low temperature wine making (17 à 19°C).
- Racking and ageing on lees during 3 or 4 months.
- Bottling, then storage in our cellar at 25m deep
- Isolated in the gallery, the wine continues its ageing protected from light and temperature variation.
Chenin ou chenin blanc : 100%


Serving temperature : 10-12°C
Tasting notes
Color pale gold with green reflections. Open nose, intense and expressive, aromas of white fruits and citrus fruits (grapefruit) with a floral note (lime). Round attack and lively point. In mouth, presence of white fruits (vine peach). Smooth final with goof freshness.
Food and wine pairings
This wine goes with fish in cream sauce but also Asiatic food, goat cheese or our special recipe: roast duck with peaches. It will be a very nice aperitif wine.